Why offer RPA with BotCity?

Hyperautomation is a $600B market with fast growth, according to Gartner. At BotCity, we enable game-changer automations, leveraging the power of code RPA and open source.

Our customers are tech teams looking for more product flexibility, no lock in, an accessible business model, and great partners to implement their automation roadmap.

With BotCity, your company will be able to seize this opportunity, providing:

Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) - our license allows your company to sell multiple projects under one license.

Make your projects more profitable! Don’t waste customer budget on huge licenses.

Be more competitive in bids or RFPs, and make way to serve SMBs with affordable and scalable licensing.

Automation made for developers with more productivity on building and maintaining, and enabling projects with more complexity.

No lock-in. Pure Python/Javascript/Java Open Source code. Greater freedom to integrate your solutions and services.

We recognize your expertise and reward you for supporting your customers with:

Training sessions, exclusive materials and special access to new features.

Dedicated channel with engineering and sales team.

Fee on Enterprise Sales.

Progressive benefits based on partnership milestones and results.

Co-marketing opportunities and cases featured in Events, portal and PR.

Free Partner License for POCs and go-to-market support.

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