Why BotCity
Computer Vision + Code - Limitless automation
Create UI and Robotic Process Automations on Web and Desktop just clicking in the UI. No reverse-engineering to get component ids or xpath.
Automation made for Developers
Use your favorite programming language and our components to boost developers productivity. Deploy quickly with a single command.
Your Automation Ops in single Platform
Deploy, manage, monitor and scale UI Automation, crawlers, document processors, software testing in a single place.
Scalable from Day 1.
Run your automations on AWS, Azure, GCP, Docker or on-premise. Don't pay per runtime.
Alternative to Uipath | Selenium
Automation Anywhere | Blueprism
Don't get stuck in
low-code RPA platforms
Just pure code
made for devs
Go beyond Selenium
web-only automations
All-in-one Platform. Develop,
deploy and scale from day 1.





Build lightning fast automations on any platform using code + computer vision.
CLI e Runner

CLI: Deploy automations using one code line.
Runner: Run automations on VMs, container or lambda.

A cloud-based orchestrator platform with everything you need to manage your automation ops.

Integrate your automations with your product workflow or third-party applications.
Open Repo

OS Repo with best plugins and automations code snippets ready to use.
Build with BotCity Studio
BotCity Studio
Boost your developers productivity
Build UI navigation scripts
Create document parsers
Integrated with our CLI
Use our Virtual Pair Programmer
Compatible with any IDE
(VSCode, PyChart, IntelliJ, etc)
BotCity Studio
UI automations on any system
Cutting-edge computer vision based approach for using the same technology in desktop, web, legacy environments.
Web Automation
Desktop Automation
Mobile Automation
Legacy Automation
Get Started
Use computer vision to operate any UI
Just click on the UI components to aumatically generate code.
Works on native Windows, Java Swing, Cytrix, Terminal apps.
Forget about inspecting HTML/DOM or Win32 component ids.
Can run in headless mode for web apps and some desktops.
Reduce time to deliver of your automations.
Create document readers lightning fast
Just click on fields and values.
Same code for data documents or pictures (OCR based).
Adapt as new fields are added into the document.
Easier to maintain.
Manage and Orchestrate your Automation Ops
BotCity Maestro provides modules to deploy, manage, scale and monitor your operations.
BotCity Maestro Dashboard
BotCity Maestro
Deploy automations from a single command
Orchestrate your bot army
SDK and APIs to trigger alerts, report status, create reports and much more
Integrated with our CLI
Manage your runtime environements
BotCity Maestro Virtual Machine Management
Monitor runtime environments
Monitor your runtime environments on AWS, Azure, GCP or on-premises
Run your automations anywhere.
BotCity Maestro Virtual Machine Management
BotCity Maestro Task Queue
Use Task Queues
Manage your automation pipeline
Parallelize your tasks
Check status and messages
BotCity Maestro Alerts
Trigger Alerts
Trigger alerts using a single line of code
Notify users based on events. etc
BotCity Maestro Alerts
BotCity Maestro Reports
Create Rich Reports
Get insights to optimize your automation ops.
Monitor KPIs
Use Google Data Studio connector to create rich dashboards
Export data to any BI Platform
Code your bot in Python or Java
Use BotCity Studio to boost your productivity and generate code automatically.
1. Code your bot in Python or Java
2. Deploy using a single line
3. Create a task
4. Your bot is in the Queue
5. Your bot is running
Use plug-ins to boost your team productivity
Software plug-ins that implements the most used functions and delivers high level methods to your developers.
BotCity Plugin
BotCity Plugin
BotCity Plugin
BotCity Plugin
BotCity Plugin
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